To create a Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual machine using Virtual Box in macOS

Virtual Box is a free and open source hosted hypervisor for x86 virtualization, developed by Oracle Corporation. VirtualBox can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris and open Solaris. Users of VirtualBox can load multiple guest OS under a single host operating-system (host OS). Each guest can be started, paused and stopped independently within its own Virtual Machine (VM).

Steps to create Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machine using Virtual Box in macOS :

Step 1 – Download Virtual Box

Step 2 : Installing Virtual Box

  • Double-click on the dmg file, to mount the contents.
  • A window will open and prompt you to double-click on the VirtualBox.pkg  installer file displayed .

  • This will start the installer to install Virtual Box.

  • Installer enables you to select where to install Oracle VM VirtualBox.

  • When installation is complete, you can find an Oracle VM VirtualBox icon in the Applications folder in the Finder.

  • Save the dmg file, which is needed to uninstall Virtual Box.

Step 3 – Installing Virtual Machine in Virtual Box

  • Open Virtual Box, click on settings .

  • Click on storage .
  • Select Controller : IDE as Empty

  • Click the laser disk icon after Optical Drive label and click Choose Virtual Optical Disk File and then select the downloaded ubuntu iso file.

  • After the file has been loaded, click ok and exit settings.

  • Now click start , to start the Ubuntu OS installation.

  • Next, you can click Try Ubuntu button to try it from the iso file or Install Ubuntu to install it in the virtual machine. Here we select install Ubuntu.

  • Select the Os language, here we select English(US).

  • In the next step , we will select Normal Installation and in other options select Download updates while installing Ubuntu.

  • Select Installation type according to your need, If you are a first time user, you can choose Erase disk and install Ubuntu and this will use all default settings for this ubuntu os. If you have used other Linux version before, you can choose Something else to customize the ubuntu os installation. Here we select Erase disk and install Ubuntu.

  • Click Continue.

  • Select your region and then continue.

  • At last specify a username and password for you to login Ubuntu.

  • Welcome page of Ubuntu pops up.

  • After the installation is complete restart your Virtual Box.

  • Start Virtual Box, select your VirtualMachine and login to your account.

  • To run ubuntu applications, click the Show Applications button at the left bottom of ubuntu desktop.

  • Input application name in the search box at top, then related application will be displayed at below. Click the application icon to start it.

  • Here we type Terminal ,application appears now click the application icon to start it.

  • To close Virtual machine here we select Save the machine state.