Creating Snapshots in AWS


Snapshots are incremental backups, which means that only the blocks on the device that have changed after your most recent snapshot are saved. 

When you create an EBS volume based on a snapshot, the new volume begins as an exact replica of the original volume that was used to create the snapshot. 

Also to move volumes to another region we need to create Snapshots.

Creating a Snapshot of the EBS volume:

Prerequisites: Create an instance with a root volume or EBS volume attached to it.

  • When the Instance state is running, click Volumes under ELASTIC BLOCK STORE section.

  • Two different volumes are attached to the instance.

  • Select the Volume, click Actions, click Create Snapshot.

  • Fill the description about the snapshot, you can also add tags and create snapshot.

After creating snapshot you need to create image.

Creating AMI:

  • Click Snapshots under ELASTIC BLOCK STORE, select snapshot you created, click Actions and then click Create image.

  • Fill the sections of Name and Description, you can add Kernel ID, RAM disk ID and add new volume to the image or leave the settings as default. Click Create.
  • Check the image created in AMIs under Images section.

The image created can be used to create new EC2 instance. Select image and then click launch.

Things to remember:

Snapshots are stored on S3.

To create a snapshot for Amazon EBS volumes that serves as root devices, you should stop the instance before taking the snapshot.

However you can do it while the instance is running but the above will be more consistent.